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  • Fix times, please!

    I love this game, but nowadays we have a lot of problems and bugs. Before this, we had ~ two weeks when we can't go to TI, Team Tournament, and etc.
    I think this is a good game, so these disadvantages doesn't took my joy of this game. But, we are here again; times bugs most the servers, so Lucky Tree too.
    I know new game is coming (I am waiting it too), but the love of the God. We enjoy this game, and we want to play it without disturbing bugs. If I had enough, I could go away was we have problems for ~ two weeks. But I can't. Because I think this is an enjoyable game.
    New servers open okay too. But, please take care the older servers too!
    This time problem became very annoying...

    Sorry for stupid english, isn't my native language. ^^
    ~ S9.LeahLillith

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    Good luck Annie as i like the game to but alot of bugs and it looks like R2 dont care.everyone need to stop puting money in R2 games maybe they fix the bugs.keep a Dev online for players.dont think they even read the posts by players.


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      In the few three days, just (!) sent 3 - 4 ticket for support. And the time changed again without they said anything about it...