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I have error in Team Instance for*S57, S59 and S61

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  • I have error in Team Instance for*S57, S59 and S61

    Hi ,

    I have error in Team Instance. I have three account in S57, S59 and S61. S61 account is lvl 66 Mage and i was helping TI (lvl 40 Hard) for low lvl 45 warric in account S57. today around server time 02.30 when i killed all mobs and was expecting the 3 elties to appear ( the one before the 40 lvl boss),suddenly the sever was talking more time and more than 5 mins elites did not appear and i closed my browser tab for both S61 and S57. After refreshing browser iam not able to start new TI for all three above server. After clicking start TI gets minimized and after clicking exit receive message " not in team". iam attaching screenshot. please fix TI for S57, S59 and S61 all 3 accounts .

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    On S9, I am falled with the same annoying thing. After, I joined one room, I wasn't seen the characters, and when I wanted to quit, the message popped up; 'Not in a team.'. But, when I close the window, thats go minimized. I log out and in, clear my cache with ctrl + f5, reload, and clear my browsing history, but the problem same.

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      s45. Team instances BUG too "Not in a team".


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        Everyone on s57 had this problem yesterday and it was not fixed on the reset today..still gives same message


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          And a Team Tournament has issues too. Memory, please!