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cross server stuff not working again

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  • cross server stuff not working again

    server 57 the cross server stuff like team tournament and advanced arena and team instances are not working again.

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    and s61 is the same and been like this for 3 days.dont think R2 games care about its players just keep forking over the money.


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      Do you people at R2 ever bother to read what is on the forum? Same problems we had last time with the cross server stuff not working for 3 days. You just wait until your next event cycles in and the errors go away..don't even bother to go back and fix the problem. Are we gonna have this same problem again in a month? Please fix your problems or you will lose the few remaining players you have. Why you bother opening new servers when you can't or won't fix the problems on your older servers? Hope we get some good compensation for these bugs.


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        I have been told the issues have been fixed in the last 24 hours. If there's still issues, please let me know your character name and server, along with the specific issue being encountered.
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