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No compensation and server time messed up?

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  • No compensation and server time messed up?

    After 5 days of having no cross server events, we just get it fixed and get nothing to replace any of the items we missed out on completely? thats a lot of prestige, outfit upgrade chests, technique crystals and a few other things that we couldnt get. Also (and i believe the cause was the maintanence about 8 hours ago) the server time is ahead of itself by about 7-8 min, not much but you log in at what should be the start of an event, but find out its nearly over. example: log in at 10:29 server time for treasure of the gods which would start at 10:30, but server time says its 10:37 and its almost over now.(screenshot taken a few minutes after but the event should have been going at this time showed at the top)

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    You can't get dragons skulls or anything missing item directly, but a compensation would be great.
    And I don't speak this time problem for now, and in older servers the Friends menu bugging too.
    Send a tickets, one with the time, one with the compensation.