God Wars servers shutting down

Dear Players, we regret to announce that God Wars will officially shut down on July 21st @ 12:00 GMT+8. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. Stay tuned for upcoming releases on R2Games! More information regarding the shutdown can be found here:
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Guild Skirmishes....I don't get it.

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  • Guild Skirmishes....I don't get it.

    I maybe missing something here but, I just don't get it. When I play "Guild Sqirmish" and I score

    7 to 2 (In my favor) Why do I loose? when I have the most kills and I score no.1 in points....But I lost

    the skirmish. Can someone please explain what I am obviously missing here?...Thanks.

    Oh, by the way...I understand the "5 lives" rule. And I had 2 lives left at the end of the battle.

    ...thanks again.
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    guild skirmish is a team game you might score 7 to2 but if your teammates lost 10 to2 your team loses. That has noting to do that you can get pvp