God Wars servers shutting down

Dear Players, we regret to announce that God Wars will officially shut down on July 21st @ 12:00 GMT+8. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. Stay tuned for upcoming releases on R2Games! More information regarding the shutdown can be found here:
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pet and wing outfit upgrade

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  • pet and wing outfit upgrade

    I am currently at level 1 and the next upgrade states it has 50% chance of success. Been wondering if its really 50% chance with me failing 3 times on it already. I'm a noncasher btw.

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    lol you hit the problem on the head .Noncashers are discriminated. If you buy nobility all your problems will go away. I am also a noncasher


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      I am a cashier, i can tell you the only benefits are the diamonds cards, if you have both you can get 300 diamonds per day. The % of upgrades are the same for cashiers and not cashiers


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        i failed 4v times on wings and 3 timeson petsfrom level1 to2 from 2 to3 both went in 1 try. getting to level4 is not my first priority since ther are many other things you can do