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Question for wing of illusion shards

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  • Question for wing of illusion shards

    You can get the first 100 shards for the wing when you activate the 2k diamond card. How you can get the rests to upgrade the wing to 5 stars?

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    I would appreciate some transparency on this as well. While from searching I'd like to say it's just not in game yet, on one of my times poking around other servers I did notice a guild leader in one of the GMT servers had theirs broken in to +1, so a reveal on how would be appreciated by many I'm sure since while I've seen numerous people pick up the initial unlock that's the only break-in I've seen thus far.
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      Wings are still new and both new wings and ways to get them are being added constantly.


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        Still that didn't answered my question, a simple i don't know if you don't or they is still not method to get the specific wing shards will help more.