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    Hi, as there are 2 wings of light in the wing section i just wanted to ask which one is for sale in the shop. Is it the wings that give free refinement or the ones with more rage? Or i assume that "Refinement will not consume gold" means refina will only use ref. stones if we have that. Thanks.

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    Free refines for the shop set.If you hover over any shard obtainable area as a prize and wait a bit a preview shows. This preview can then correlate with the light wing area.
    This works for mount skins and their shards as well. E.G. the 2 separate light wings have different color schemes.
    Also, yes refine not using gold, therefore means it only uses the stones, being the only other thing used in that process. Not that that helps your luck getting better stat rolls though...
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      Thank you.


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        This issue is now resolved. One of the wings was renamed to Wings of Plume