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  • Display list on guild arena

    About Guild Arena.

    I was attacked by players who are far away.
    They were not on the screen. They were quite far away.
    Even if we do not touch players, is it a specification that battle starts?
    We can zoom out on the browser function and see the map widely.
    I do not know how to start battle after they zoom out.

    I have a proposal there.
    Please display participant list like Trial Hall and Guild Battle of Legend Knight.
    I want to attack by clicking on the player name.

    Best regards,

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    Is a bad idea in my opinion as it will change the flow of the battle. Main reassons are:
    1) Low br players will be target first: Usually in guild arena 1-2 persons of the guild i am we try to protect low br players. This will be imposible with the new system.
    2) Similar br players will not be able to fight between them as higher br players will target them(first point): Players will get frustrated and stop participating in the short run.
    3) The numbers of guild participants will matter a lot: I play to EU server, my guild usually participate with 5-7 players, the 2 more active guilds we face they usually participate with 7-12 players. Two of our strongest players target specific strong opponents to fight so the rest can fight the other players to be able to win. This happens probably and to USA servers. With the new system it will be impossible to do that with result the numbers and not the strategy to win most of the time.
    4) Louse of having fun (personal reason): Just clicking names from a list is not fun, i like chase around or run away from people. Moreover is more fun to hear guild members say example: man he got me, or go fight him than click to he's/her's name.