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Suggestion for Dragon Skull imbalance

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  • Suggestion for Dragon Skull imbalance

    The problem:
    Currently all TIs(only obtainable area besides shop) retain the single net gain of the item per run; even though all other items increase.
    This limits all players to a maximum of 3 gained per day. By the level 65 gear set a 15 skull requirement is already being asked per piece.
    This means a 40 day grind for 65's let alone later progressions, and any fully active player; even without any stamina purchases on their account, would be at the low 90's by the time this could be acquired. Meaning with how the game currently goes, you'd be long done with everything outside the endless cycle of pvp long before completing these.
    Now I'm well aware of end game grind elements, but the fact being these would then take exceedingly longer then even gems; which in games like these are known to be one of the last if not the last thing to finally finish off, seems like a problem. Also, adding in the fact that under your broken down br section, it's obvious that your meant to have caught up with these while still in the level building process as it's meter ranks you low by not having it, which apart from the laughable feather/fruit bars can otherwise all be reasonably caught up to.

    Suggested solutions:
    A. Have the TI drops for said item increase with TI difficulty.(Like every other item they drop already does...)
    B. Add the item to the arena shop. 200 each should be fair based on gem cost to point value of other items.(This would be the simpler route I believe, and there's already 1 open space left currently anyways)

    Any other player in support of this, or that possibly has a better solution/suggestion to this that they want to put forward please state as much below. With a little acknowledgement by the player base we ought to be able to have this worked in within a maintenance or two given how quickly titles were put in with only about 2 pages worth of asks between here and FB posts.

    Thank you for your time and effort in doing so, and a special thanks to whatever mod/GM forwards this for consideration.
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    I am lvl 65 and I am getting 6 per day, just get stronger and use the lvl 60 TI hard dungeon, I mean I have 12 extra dragon skulls atm and I am just racking up more still.
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      Lvls don't give extra skulls, i do ti 70 and i get 3 per day ,How you get 6 per day as all ti gives 1 skull? No idea if you can add attempts to ti through


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        Yea, I'm doing 70 hard magic side, and 80 hard phys side solo runs (could do team 80 magics but no one is on/wants to join when I do mine) and still only get 1 skull per run as well...
        Also, no, there's unfortunately no way to do more than 3 rewarded runs in a 24hr period of the 0500 TI reset.
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        “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” -C.S. Lewis


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          you can only get 3 dragon skulls a day. you can buy in shop but theare expensive 80 diamonds apiece. Sometimes rarely they appear in mystery shop usually 2 or 4 skulls with 20 percent reduction and more seldom 50 percent reduction