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The Trouble with Seraph....

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  • The Trouble with Seraph....

    Hey Kids, I'm looking for opinions here. Most players of this, or beloved game have "Seraph" in their team because she's a great hero to have. ( Nothing matters before the word "But" )
    BUT!... I don't know if anyone's noticed in the heat of battle that Seraph doesn't always attack 5X on her rage attack. Once she's killed an opposing hero, she quits her attack. Right then,
    right there....Just stops no matter where she is in the 5X attack. Sometimes hitting as little as two times. Now, this has cost me more than one match and I'd really applaud the "Fixers"
    for fixing Seraph so she attacks the way she's s'posed to. Can I get an AMEN!

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    thats part of her skill "if an ally is killed during battle, her 5 attacks focus on the one enemy that killed the last ally" so if the skill kills that enemy in less than 5 hits then her attack is done