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How about them cheaters?

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  • How about them cheaters?

    Yeah, it's buggin me. When I play in the Team Tournaments, I see a player come into battle And they see they are going to lose the match...then they refresh their game and the battle is over without fighting. you win of course, but you
    get screwed out of your winners prize. In other words, you don't receive the wings shard chest. So, it's just like you lost....Not fair to those who come to battle. In my opinion, your opponent
    shouldn't be allowed to leave or refresh without battling first... What do you guys think?
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    It's done the way it is so that Guilds can't scam chests. It sucks but there is a reasoning behind it.


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      Thanks for your response... I don't understand what you mean by "Scam Chests" How would guilds do this exactly? I only ask because I don't know.


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        You and Your Guildmate would be able to coordinate queues. The person who does not need Shards would simply quit and that would result in the other Guildmate getting a free chest.

        I believe that this is the reason you don't get a chest when the other person quits.


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          Ah okay, I getcha. Never thought of that. ( I guess honest folks don't think this way)...Lol..Thanks again for your responses.


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            they can recive an shard if they leave in midle of battle and that is not cheating becouse you dont make an favor to your acount, you just help your friends