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Heroes Evolved Update - March 1, 2017

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  • Heroes Evolved Update - March 1, 2017

    Dear players,

    Heroes Evolved will be having a Maintenance at 3:30 AM on Wednesday, March 1st (EST) for North America server.
    The maintenance will take approximately two hours. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

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    dont make this game PAY TO WIN , thats really sucks ! I prefer to play other MOBA cuz you need VIP to win , and fix matchamking , ELECTRUM VS BRONZE *** ! PAY 2 WIN SUCKS , thats why people left this game


    • #3
      Pay to win ? i cant even see pay to win ...

      Vip only reduce cooldowns (low) ...

      u get nearly 800 free gems after 7 days ... get a 2nd glyph page

      all u need is: 1x Lv 5 Gem Green + 2x Lv 4 Gem Green to get Teleport 2
      thats should every1 get after Lv 20 if u dont wast ur gold for skins.