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Heroes Evolved PC Client Shutdown Announcement

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  • [Announcement] Heroes Evolved PC Client Shutdown Announcement

    Dear Players,

    Heroes Evolved PC Client has been online for more than one year. In the past year, we've worked together to make the game better. The matchmaking experience of North American servers, however, is extremely difficult despite our efforts. Therefore, with heavy hearts we announced that the game including the steam version will be officially closed at 16:00 on December 27th.

    As compensation for the closure of Heroes Evolved PC Client, all Tokens recharged within 3 months (September 9th - December 8th, 2017) will be returned to players in Heroes Evolved Mobile. Download the game here. The recharge amount will be sent to players' corresponding mobile account within 7 working days after the closure.

    Please file a ticket through the official website( Your ticket must contain the required information based on the following format:

    Category: Billing
    Subcategory: VIP Issues
    Subject: Refund to Heroes Evolved Mobile
    Message: Your Player Name (Heroes Evolved Mobile): XXXX
    Your Player ID: XXXX
    Your Server Name: XXXX
    Amount Recharged (Heroes Evolved PC Client): XXXX USD

    Thank you very much for your support to The Heroes Evolved PC Client! We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    The Heroes Evolved PC Client Team

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    why the game heroes evolved on the lid, but this game is very good. game hero evolved world rank 2nd after dota 2. very unfortunate this game is closed, maybe there is another way to be able to fix the problem in hero evolved team. we please fix it slowly but surely and as input we hope the evolved hero team to defend this game. thank you and hopefully evolved hero team soon find a solution for this game can return victorious.


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      Heroes Evolved world best game .


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        wew..why it shutdown??this is a very good game..mygoodness..


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          it was unplayable due to bugs since its release and they couldnt fix any of them. it was good game but unplayable. but mobile version is the best


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            Activate all the PC heroes to enjoy until December 27 GMS ..


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              This game was honestly rarely fun in terms of competition. Teams were so unbalanced. I never a fought a close game. You're team is either **** or the other team is. This game would have been 100x better if a real ranking system was added. The current ranking system is pointless because you're ranked...but it doesn't put u in ranked matches I can be ranked gold and get teamed up with people who are silvers and bronze. It really takes away the whole purpose of "ranks" if u do that. If you're gold, then u should play with and against people who are gold. One player can change the whole course of the game. If u get a new player on your team then your chance at losing increased like 40%. Technically u could make parties and set certain rank requirements but nobody did that, they all went to regular matchmaking where you're teamed up with whoever. I am surprised to hear about the shut down though, I started playing this summer and I'm maxed lvl but never experienced bugs other than the 2 times where the whole team automatically disconnects out of nowhere.


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                **** i like this game ? When it will be open