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Name:	TETETE.png
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ID:	1786064
    Initial Life : 511
    Strength:19+2 per lv
    Agility :16+1.5 per lv
    Intelligence:26+2.6 per lv

    Let's introduce mazin skills :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	QQQ.png
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ID:	1786060
    Q - Ray of light : Fire an energy beam that deals magic damage to all enemies it hits in a line.
    Consumables 70/80/90/100 Mana
    10 second cooldown Range : 1200
    Magic damage 120/180/240/300(0.6 Spell Power ratio)
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Name:	WWWW.png
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ID:	1786061
    W - Concussive mist : Deals Magic damage to all enemies within a target area , and after 0.5 seconds enemies
    within 200 radius of the middle area casted receive bonus magic damage and are stunned for 0.5 seconds.
    Costs 80 mana , 5 seconds cooldown , Range : 1000
    Initial damage : 80/120/160/200 ( 0.4 Spell Power ratio)
    Bonus damage :40/60/80/100 ( 0.4 Spell Power Ratio )
    Click image for larger version

Name:	EEEEE.png
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ID:	1786062
    E - Protective Cloud : Deals Magic damage to surrounding enemies and silencing them for 2 seconds.During the 2 seconds period of effect you are trapped,
    and cannot attack ,are immune to damage , and you can cast your W (Concussive Mist ) and active items.
    Costs 90 Mana , 10 seconds cooldown , Effective range damage : 600
    Magic damage 100/160/220/280 ( 0.8 Spell Power ratio)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	RRRR.png
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ID:	1786063
    R - Magic Lamp : At a target location within 3,000 radius , cast for 0.5 second to summon a magic lamp that lasts 10 seconds and deals continuous damage
    to nearby enemies . If you use protective cloud after magic lamp , you can teleport to magic lamp local , and gives
    30% slow on effective range ( 500 )
    Consumable 150 Mana , 80 seconds cooldown , Range : 3000 , Effective damage range : 500
    Magic Damage per second : 60/90/120 ( 0.4 Spell Power Ratio )
    Slow duration : 30% 1 second.

    You can use him in different's roles :Middle , Offlane or focusing in roaming.

    In the middle lane : If you focus on farm , use this order skills : W,Q,E,W,W,R,W,Q,Q,Q,R,E,E,E,stats,R,stats,stats
    If you focus on roam ( gank other lanes) : W,E,Q,W,W,R,W,E,E,E,R,Q,Q,Q,stats,R,stats,stats.[You can use this order in offlane too]
    Hey , why i need to focus W? Because W have a low cd and mana cost , and have the same damage as Q.
    Combo skills : R>E>W>Q
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Mazin guide.png
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ID:	1785871

    In the middle , rush Chronos coronet first because he gives a lot life,mana and spell power , second buy frozen scepter
    to freeze the enemy hard carry when you R>E to your team kill him.
    Third , Icy guardian her active cause 40% slow and with your ult that gives 30% slow , you can accumulate slow
    in this game , so 40+30% = 70% SLOW! no one can run if you use both icy guardian and Magic Lamp together.
    At the offlane , Rush Icy guardian , because you're agaisn't a hard carry in this lane , and icy guardian give's armor , life , mana , spell power and a active
    that cause slow on enemy.Second buy Arcane orb , the item gives 20% reduction on spell resist .

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Guide mazin 2.png
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ID:	1785872

    On Red :Miser ( Major ) to gives 200 initial coins in the early game .
    On Blue : Odd Job ( Major ) with that you can earn 8% more coins when killing trops and creatures.
    Or Potion Master ( Major ) increase effect of Health and Mana Potions by 35% , it help a lot in the lane phase game.
    On Green : Back and Forth (Major ) Reduce teleport cooldown by 20% and you can teleport on allied unites!

    3x Red Health Jewel : It's a good jewel because this hero don't have too much hp in the early game.
    3x Blue Mana regeneration jewel : It's the best jewel in the game , help a lot with spam skill heroes.
    3x Green Attack Power Jewel or Dodge Jewel : Attack Power can help you on last hits , and dodge jewel at lv 5 gives 5% dodge .

    In game :
    Try to pick off your enemies with ultimate and E , when you have frozen scepter , teleport on the side hardcarry enemie and freeze him
    In team fight , try to use ultimate on 2-4 enemies in the same radius , and use Magic lamp with protective cloud to cause AoE silence.

    Nickname : Keyes
    ID : 91
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    Nice, it's a good guide to newbie's Mazin


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        Wow very good guide bro, thank=D