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  • [Guide] NOSFERATU

    Skills Analysis:

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ID:	1786055Q -Seat Blood: 4/2 cooldown maximum level. Cause 220 special damage, with a bonus of 0.8 to the special damage and HP recovery equivalent to half of the damage caused. This is the main skill of Vlad - Make your upgrade in the initial period.

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ID:	1786056W -human blood Corrosive: 12 second cooldown at max level. Cause 110 special damage, with a range of 1200 away and 600 wide, 0.5 bonus to the special damage. It also reduces the speed of the target by 25%, HP 10 retrieves every second, and increases Vel. Movement of 25%. Aside from the damage, all the effects persist for 3 seconds after leaving. This is a powerful skill on the battlefield.

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ID:	1786057And Soul -Devorador (Passive): maximum level, increase your max HP by 5 to eliminate enemies (maximum 600 HP). Use Q to your maximum HP to activate a shield with 8 seconds long; the shell strength equivalent to half of their total HP.

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ID:	1786058Blood R-Storm: 90 seconds cooldown at max level. Cause 300 special damage within a range of 800, with bonus of 0.6 to the special damage and HP recovery equivalent to half of the damage caused. Cause 50 damage every second for 5 seconds, with a bonus of 0.2 to special damage. In total, this skill has a bonus to the special damage 1.6.

    Of all the skills, Q should have priority for upgrades, and the recommended usage order WQEQQRQEWWREWE + R ++. If you are using the central passage and there are no obstacles ahead, learn and in Lv.2 - but attention to potential enemy attacks.

    Recommended gemstones are Maximum Life (Red), Reg. Mana (Blue) and Reg. Mana (green).

    Talent recommended are Wealth Red (Senior), Blue Bonus (Senior) and I'm Green Volta (Senior).

    Initial Equipment: 1 Medal of the Prophet, 1 Health Potion, Mana 1 ball, 2 Sentinel Spy. When the map of the base, use W to eliminate enemies at close range in meeting the initial waves. Upgrade E after we beat them, and go to the frogs when the W cooldown ends. Use W to eliminate them and collect and 4 times. W can be used to deal with wild enemies, but use the first to prevent them from escaping.
    In Lv.6, the damage his Ult. Skill is 150 + 30 * 5 = 300, with Q = 180 at Lv.3.

    2 Awards of the Prophet are recommended in the initial period, and 1 Boots of Hermes (no upgrade). Then collect a Temporal Crown, Orb and Sceptre Frozen Arcanum. When possible, get the boots of Life. The Divine Scepter and Ice Guardian are recommended to increase your attack power - with the Divine Scepter can be exchanged by the Demon Crown if it is available.

    Contrary to what can imagine, Thirsty wand is not recommended - as the Hit rate your skill only AOE (W) is very low without your Ult. Skill. Therefore, it is better to spend the 3500 required by Thirsty wand when the fight is at the end.

    1.Q has a 4-second cooldown at max level, and the shield lasts 8 seconds; use the shield first.

    2. Use R at the right time.

    W 3 is similar to Lord Guan W; do not forget to use the wild before attacking enemies.

    4. It is recommended to use the first Ult. Skill to eliminate flying dragons (QWRAAAQ).

    5. When Nosferatu is in with a high level, use Q to fight flying dragons; you can drag them to you with W, but the process takes longer.

    Recommended Partner:
    Emperor of Evocators: Nosferatu does not have good mobility without the W but the Emperor of Evocators can use Q to accelerate Nosferatu and recover your HP. The Slow down effect of your W also helps in persecution. His Ult. Skill prevents Nosferatu is eliminated while using their own Ult. Skill. With all these details, the Emperor of Evocators is an ally like few to Nosferatu.
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    Video lesson about Nosferatu
    My channel
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