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  • Guide AIDEN

    Let's start with the skills

    Binding Arrow
    Fire an arrow to trap the target in place for 1 second and deal magical damage. Thearrow traps another enemy unit nearby the target in a 500 radius, and increases trap duration to both affected units.

    Cooldown:12/11/10/9 seconds.
    Damage:100/160/220/280 magic damage.


    Creates an illusion of Aiden that deals damage to nearby enemy units. Illusion lasts 10 seconds and can take 300% damage. Aiden may cast this ability again to exchange place with the illusion in a 2000 range. Illusion disappears after exchange.

    Cooldown:20/17/14/11 seconds.
    Illusion damage:50/60/70/80%.

    Increases bonus attack damage and attack range to targets affected by Binding Arrow.

    Bonus Physical Damage:30/60/90/120.
    Bonus Attack Range:1800.

    Rapid Fire

    Aiden absorbs natural energy to gain 150 Attack Speed and increase attack range to 1800, though with a reduction to his attack damage. Aiden cannot move or use gear during Rapid Fire.

    Cooldown:120/100/80 seconds.
    Damage Reduction:60%/70%/80%

    The sequence of the level of skills

    Let's talk about the build

    inicial.png -beginning items

    build ocmpleta.png -full items

    Description of the items for Aiden

    Ignios Blade

    Ignios Blade best item in my opinion for Aiden, he very scale with the Bullseye (Passive) due to the agility that the item gives that is 30 agility and passive of ignios blade steal 50 mana per basic attack is caught in enemy and still have the asset item that causes 200 + 2x agility magic damage to the target and causes 30% of delays for 3 seconds.

    Demonic Mask

    The Demonic Mask is the second item that I do for Aiden as it gives a greater support in the game for him and has an increased movement speed to each basic attack after attack an enemy hero, body heroes body earn 90 speed movement for 2 seconds. long range heroes earn 40 movement speed.

    Godly Cannon

    This item I make 3 or 4th item for Aiden, a lot depends on how is the progress of the game, I do 3 ° item when the opposing team is with some support healing or even giving defense for the team the Godly Cannon increases critical damage by 250% making the damage Aiden be too large.

    Golden Staff

    I like to make this item to Aiden when the opposing team has a lot tank, because of the passive item I can take a lot of life's very fast tank, the passive item is basic attacks can not be resisted, 5% diciona the maximum life of the enemy as magic damage on basic attacks.

    Jade Heart

    This item is very situational, I do it when the enemy team has a lot of control group and I can not hit the struggles passive this item is body heroes body become immune to slow and stun for 5 seconds and over heroes range are immune to stun for 3 seconds, recharge time: 45 seconds


    Jewels Red Attack Speed

    Jewels Blue Attack Speed

    Jewels Green Attack Speed

    In this image is my Jewels in the Brazilian server that I use in Aiden. But LuaNz because it uses all of Attack Speed? Like I said several times, Aiden very scale with agility / AS, the more AG he has, the more it will give basic attack with passive Bullseye. You can see that the image you see how much AS the Jewels give, but being that these Jewels are a maximum level which is 5, giving 20.04% of AS.

    Aiden is bad against

    Mau and Odin

    This route is very difficult because Odin has a skill called Ice Bard that after 3 to taques basic target is frozen and combando with the bad that has an ability called Bad Medicine that it binds the target and after 3 seconds the target is stunned and a skill called doctors oath that binds the ally and the two gain movement speed, so Aiden is weak against the composition.

    Sylvana and Bombom

    This route for me is the most difficult to play because it has much support in the lane phase and it is almost impossible to kill 2 alone, and the combo of them is very strong with Sylvana silencing and arresting and BOMBOM jumping up giving too much damage and slow all the time.

    Aiden is good against


    Jeanne has only one skill that can hold Aiden in the lane phase that is Retribution shooting 4 times the ground dealing damage in area, still can not play well against Aiden which is free in all farm lane and can easily kill Jeanne.


    Flavia can not handle the strong lane Aiden who can pull very fast, if Flavia do not have help from the jungle she can not keep living in the lane, Aiden can give a lot of damage in flavia, and she can not return the same damage.

    Heroes who really pull the lane

    These heroes only pull the lane against Aiden, and it is free farm and mid / late game is much stronger than them.

    About buffs

    Guardian of the Elements

    Types of buffs and effects:

    ataque.png- Attack: +80 attack for 60 seconds

    DEF.png- Defense: +60 defense for 60 seconds

    speed.png- Movement speed: + 130% movement speed for 60 seconds

    gold.png- Gold: Get + 25% gold for 60 seconds

    Zach, the Soul Eater

    Time to appearance: 1 minute and 30 seconds, renaissance interval: 10 minutes

    All team members who are alive to get Zach to kill the Devourer of Souls receive the buff "Souls of the Abyss" for 3 minutes. All Team Players earn 200 Gold and EXP slaughter will be divided among all who are close. See below banefÃ*cios of the Abyss Souls.

    - Attack +30
    - +30 Magic damage
    - Life regeneration 3% of the current life
    - 15 per second mana regeneration
    If the hero dies before the end of the duration of the Abyss Souls, he will lose the buff.

    Mechanics AIDEN:

    The Aiden mechanics is to farm well into the mid game, when closing 2 to 3 items you get to force fights and give ganking other lanes to get kills, whenever you hit the skill Binding Arrow you the maximum basic attack to get if you are very agile Aiden can take 4 to 7 attacks with the trapped target.

    Let's start the first skill of Aiden Binding Arrow, this skill she has an interesting effect that Aiden hit 2 targets with Binding Arrow he holds the 2 targets and activating Bullseye (Passive) increasing the percentage of damage on the enemy but if Aiden hit only 1 target Bullseye (Passive) will activate normally, but for the best Aiden mechanics is good always hit 2 targets.

    Q em 2 alvos.png
    In this image you can see Aiden hitting 2 targets

    Q em 1 alvo.png
    In this image you can see Aiden hitting only one target

    Now I will talk about Afterimage skill Aiden creates a clone that lasts 10 seconds and is very good to take towers, escape from enemies, and to make plays and Aiden can also teleport to the location that the clone is.

    Aiden can skip walls

    dash 2.png
    Aiden teleporting to where the clone was

    Clone batendo em torres.png
    Aiden and clone hitting the tower

    Clone focando torre.png
    Aiden putting clone to the tower not to damage it but the clone

    I will now talk about the skill Bullseye (Passive), it increases the damage when the target is trapped by Binding Arrow and increases the range of the basic attack in 1800.

    Aiden attacking in 1800 range with passive

    Rapid Fire ability which is very good to take towers and hit the far enemy is the ultimate ability of Aiden,which has a range of 1800 and increases attack speed by 150

    Aiden attacking the tower in 1800 range

    If you enjoyed reputation

    Name: NEX.LuaNz
    ID: 70
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