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Now u see me, now u dont. - Akbar general Guide

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  • Now u see me, now u dont. - Akbar general Guide

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ID:	1786020

    Hi, Kagayakashi here, i have experience with Akbar. Played a lot with him in VN and BR servers,
    now i'll try pass this knowledge to anyone who wants to make your enemies reeeally mad.

    Akbar is easy to counter some blue wards or gems can give you a hard time, plus you're squishy.
    I think the best roles for Akbar is Jungler ( farmming on the neutral monsters and ganking
    to help your team) or Suport Roamer (start helping in a duo lane then go gank the others).


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ID:	1786022 - NEMESIS BLADE (Q)
    Throw a sword at an enemy target, causes 0,01 stun. - Can deal critical damage and its damage
    is % of your TOTAL auto atack damage plus bonus, use to cancel skills like teleports, tiamat's ultimate.

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    Turns you invisible and gives 20% movement speed bonus. - If you atack or use Nemesis Blade it will break
    the invisibility but also boosts the damage dealt, with this skill maximized breaking the invisibility will
    DOUBLE the damage of the first atack. ALWAYS pay atention to this skill cooldown, it's the key to your
    survival, do not break invisibility if its not cooled down or close to it.

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ID:	1786025 - WARRIOR'S HEART (E passive)
    Passively adds bonus damage and maim to your next atack, slowing the enemy for 3 seconds. - Works
    with Nemesis Blade and Forgotten Sands. Auto cooldown of 5 seconds not influenced by cooldown

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ID:	1786027 - TIME THEFT (R)
    Marks an enemy hero, granting vision and true sight of him also reduces armor of the target for 20
    seconds, when close to the target you get 20% bonus movement speed, if the target dies you get bonus
    coins and any assisting allies get 50 bonus coins too. - Always mark your targets, you need the gold
    and the armor reducing effect is sure handy.


    Skillset order: QEWEEREWQQRQBBBRWW - B is atribute bonus

    Jungling you start in the buff monster, with help of mid and the soler is better to no get countered, but
    ask them to leave before you give the last hit(when you get lv2 make the monsters chase you, slow
    them with the passive and atack while they run). Then go to the frog camp (atract them to the middle of
    the left walls if you're team 1), go to the wolf camp then back to buff monster, when you get lv3 go gank.

    Suporting you dont farm, only scout out for your partner and poke the enemy with "Q".

    A good team to pick akbar is composed with an adc, a tanker, a mage or a disabler because u
    track the enemies but you dont show yourself unless your mates are close, consider your
    targets, look around the area before engaging, make sure there's no ward pink or blue, ganking
    successfully and staying alive giving intel to your teammates, is your mission. With this the
    other team will spend a lot of gold warding to kill you and that's good they'll need to choose
    to make itens or warding. Always pay atention to the enemy inventory with TAB button, see if
    they bought wards or gems, when they appear on the minimap click there and see if they have
    used gem, provoke the gem user and work with your team to get rid of him, or just go farm on
    a safe place, make random apearances on the lanes to make then hunt you, then get out before
    their arrival, this way you manipulate them what to buy, where to go.... to play akbar, you need
    to be smart always watching the enemy with tab and minimap, manipulating then when you can and
    farmming, an akbar that survived the ganks and farmed a lot is a monster to be feared
    late game.


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    You can use axe to send your copies in the front and demolish towers by yourself, has good sustain
    and escape.

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Name:	Persa Carry.JPG
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ID:	1786029 - HUNTER
    More kill oriented build

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Name:	Persa Ultimate PRO Build.JPG
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ID:	1786030 - THEY WILL HATE U
    More disable oriented build

    Notes: Axe only if the team needs you to get the towers alone or split situations.

    NICKNAME: Kagayakashi
    USER ID: 574
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