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    About Me
    Hello, I'm Disboard in-game, I have 453 Games with Lunaria and I watch Chinese's Championship and other thinks about HeroesEvolved.
    I'm sharing my experience with you, I hope you like my Guide, if you have any opinion please, feel free for leave a comment.
    My english is bad, sorry if I did any fail.

    Nickname: Disboard ID: 528

    Roles for Lunaria:
    Main lane: Jungler
    Secondary: Mid or Solo Lane.


    Lunaria is a dark elf, stealthy assassin, melee and have high damage and mobility .
    She can burn Hp/Mp with Basic Attack, silence/stun/slow her opponent.
    Is a good champ for splitpush or burst a single target, have good resistance too.
    Lunaria is the counter of AP Enemies or Champs what need mana for do something.
    He build attack speed and is a Agility Assassin .
    She have all, good clear jungle, cc ( crowd control ) for do a good gank, mobility.


    Life: 530
    Mana: 195
    Str: 20 +1,8
    Agi: 22 2,8
    Int: 15 +1,6
    Range: Melee
    Attack: 49-53
    Magic resist: 20

    Red Glyph: Miser
    Blue Glyph: Odd Job
    Green Glyph: Back and Forth

    Miser is good because you will start with +200g and If you have Major upgrade i'll farm a lot with this Glyph.
    Odd Job same than Miser, for you get a biggest farm.
    Back and Forth is for you do Tp in your minions for help your team and do more ganks.

    3x Red Health Jewel
    3x Blue Attack Speed Jewel
    3x Green Attack Power Jewel


    (Q) Eclipse :
    Mana: 80
    Cooldown: 10 sec
    Range: 900

    Mana Burned per hit (Passive): 28/40/52/64
    Damage (Active): 100/140/180/220 physical damage
    Movement Slow: 25% for 3 seconds.

    This skill deal slow in your enemy and your basic attacks burn Hp/Mana.
    The HP burned counts as Magic Damage, so you will do AD and AP Damage, it's very good because is very hard to tank.
    This skill is the main skill for Lunaria because you will build attack speed for burn more Hp/Mana.
    Have a good range and damage, and you can poke your enemy with your Q.

    (W) Silence Phantom:
    Mana: 50
    Cooldown: 8/7/6/5 sec
    Range: 700/800/900/1000

    Effective Range: 300
    Silence Duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 sec

    This skill is your mobility, and your second skill for max.
    With this skill you can teleport and deal silence in your oponnent, this skill is good because you can jump walls, dodge skillshots, chase/run.
    Try to use this skill for engage the enemy's adc, he can do nothing because he can't use skills.
    With this skill, Lunaria is very strong 1v1 and you can counter AP enemies.
    If you're very good with Silence, you can stop enemy's canalized skills like Tortus' ultimate .

    ( E - Passive) Permanently Increases
    Mana: 0
    Cooldown: 15 sec
    Range: 0

    Magic Resist: 9/12/15/18
    Shield: 75/150/225/300
    Attack Damage ( AD ): 10/16/22/28

    When you hit 3 times, you get a shield.
    You get passive Magic Resist and Attack Damage, with this passive you can get High Magic Resist with any Magic Resist item, like Crystal Shield, you get 50%.
    It's very good because, with this passive is very hard to die for AP Enemies.
    This skill is very good for clear your jungle and have HP for gank.
    You can use this passive for dive, the shield will tank for you the tower damage.
    Try to use your passive for win the match ups when you're playing Solo Lane.

    (R) Night Slayer:

    Mana: 100/125/150
    Cooldown: 40/30/20 sec
    Range: 500

    Damage: 200/250/300 + 0.4 mana missing
    Stun duration: 1 sec

    This skill do Magic Damage based on your AD and the oponnent's mana missing.
    Try to use when your oponnent don't have mana, or after your W, if you do a combo with your W and R, your oponnent can do nothing for 2.75 seconds.
    Try to gank when you have your ult, because is very strong a jungler with crowd control.

    How you will up your skills:

    As a Solo Laner:

    As a Jungler:

    If you need more shield:

    If you need more mobility ( Recommended ):

    Early Game:
    Just farm and try gank a lane with cc.
    You are very weak during the early game, you need rush levels more fast you can.

    Mid Game:
    Try to ward the map and help your team destroying the enemy's tower, Lunaria have good damage on towers.
    Try to gank lanes with low mana or Ap enemies.

    Late Game:
    During the late game you can kill anyone, try to do Pickoff always you have your ultimate.
    You can do splitpush for your team, because your 1v1 is very strong.

    Team Fight:
    Try to use your W for silence the enemies and kill the adc or ap.
    Late game your W cooldown is very low, you can use it for do engage and escape after it.

    You can burn the enemy Mana to 0 very fast
    Lunaria with Ignios Blade can One Shot the enemy
    Is very hard to die for a AP Enemy
    Strongest 1v1 and strongest splitpush

    Very weak in early game
    Need a good early game to play
    Is very hard to play if you start losing the game.
    You build atkspeed, is very hard to kill tankers because you don't have AD.

    Try all and spam what you're felling better.

    Good damage for clear your jungle.

    Solo lane, I choose Str item because is good for win match ups.

    If you have a good team and you can farm free your jungle, start with this.

    Normal start for jungler.

    SplitPush: [Recommended]

    Tank Build: [Recommended]

    Normal build:

    ATK Speed with stuns:

    Attack Speed with Life for team-play and anti-cc :

    Half-Tank build:

    If the enemy's team have low cc, you can use instead of .
    You can use instead of , is good for do more damage, is good if you need more protection.
    If you're felling quish you can use , because this item give you more armor, attack speed and your enemy lose armor.

    Good luck for you, I hope I helped you with something to be a good Lunaria and "Don't let me walk in the Moonlight"
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    Very Cool.