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Danzeva's Zues Build/Guide (B&B)

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  • Danzeva's Zues Build/Guide (B&B)

    Hello Heroes, I'm Danzeva and welcome to another build/guide for HE (Heroes Evolved)

    This time featuring Zeus, a Hero with an incredible amount of burst and a mixture of d.p.s (damage per second) that can alternate from melee to range.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	stats.png
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ID:	1786979

    Zeus is an extremely brutal Hero with devastating abilities that can crush opponents in the blink of an eye. Very few Heroes can alternate from melee to range ,and in this case Zeus is gifted with the ability from his Life Energy (R) to increase his range and apply additional spell damage on each hit. Zeus also is equipped with one very rare and unique ability to disappear for an extended amount of time and later reappear, but we'll get more into that in just a bit. In lane during the early stage of the match Zeus is vulnerable pre level 3. This window of weak state is very short granted you level up quickly and play safe, once you reach level 3 you become a fearsome force to be reckoned with. Now if you are looking to explore a new Hero or want to main Zeus please continue reading, in this guide I will cover many aspects of game play that will increase your gaming experience and help you better understand the essentials of how to build and utilize Zeus as the match progresses.

    Starting Ability

    Click image for larger version

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    At the beginning of the match you may find your self lacking in trades or perhaps unable to farm properly dew to being poked out by a ranged Hero or a caster with ranged abilities, but don't worry. Thunderous Sanctions will serve as a farming tool and provide a small amount of disable slowing your enemy down enough to walk away or continue a assault. At level 1 it may seem underwhelming but with a few level Thunderous Sanctions will become a explosive ability and farming gold will become a breeze. Maxing out Thunderous Sanctions is critical for the same reason it provides amazing damage and great wave clearing meaning better pushing and better burst. Combine Thunderous Sanction later with Hidden Lighting for a explosive assault or gank.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	q.png
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ID:	1786994

    Starting Items

    Zeus being a caster focusing on spell damage naturally requires mana regeneration so our staring item is Prophet's Emblem for obvious reasons. Provides life, mana regeneration and some spell damage.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	first items.png
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ID:	1786995
    Make sure to also get 2x Click image for larger version

Name:	mana pot.png
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ID:	1786996 2x Click image for larger version

Name:	health pot.png
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ID:	1786997 and 1x Click image for larger version

Name:	vision ward.png
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ID:	1786998 or Click image for larger version

Name:	ward stealth.png
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ID:	1786999 depending on your match up.

    Second Ability

    Click image for larger version

Name:	e2.png
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ID:	1787000

    Hidden Lighting is one of the best gap closer in the game. Hidden Lighting is such a great ability that allows Zeus to instantly teleport from your current standing point to another target location. You want to try to master this ability and understand its full potential being that it allows you to briefly disappear and reappear next to a enemy Hero/Minion or friendly Hero/minion it also works on Monster in the jungle. Regretfully it does not work on wards. Hidden Lighting can work as a dodge to avoid damage or waste your enemies abilities and then counter attack. The multiple plays this ability can offer provide huge benefits to your play style so we want to max this ability second.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	e.png
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    Prism of sorcery is my first item to go to. I recommend building it first if you can, it provides Zeus a huge power spike and lowers your enemies magical resistance by 10% and providing great bulk to Zeus. Also + 50 spell damage it nothing to ignore .This item can later be up graded to Arcane Orb or Icy Guardian depending on your match up. Just note that Arcane Orb and Prism of sorcery do not stack.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	prism of sorcery 10%.png
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ID:	1787002

    Third Ability

    Click image for larger version

Name:	w2.png
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ID:	1787003

    Lighting reflexes grants us attack speed and additional spell damage to our auto attacks. An amazing passive for any melee hero, at this point you will out damage most Heroes in a match of agro. How ever it does not scale with spell damage hence we will max this last.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	w.png
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ID:	1787004

    Make sure to buy Boots of war to augment this passive to further increase your attack speed and physical damage as well. Zeus being a caster with the ability to increase his range benefits from many physical damage items. In most cases I can advise to first build this item above all, prism of sorcery is great but can be expensive if you are behind.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	boots of war.png
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ID:	1787005

    Also be sure to get your secondary core item, Phantom Mask. This core item provides soo much utility and survivability to Zeus. It grants life steal, bulk, and the movement speed we gain from it applies to melee even after using Life Energy. Later on be sure to upgrade this items for increased stats and greater effects.

    Shout out to Nazerell for defining the importance of this item.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	nazarell.png
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ID:	1787009

    Click image for larger version

Name:	phantom mask.png
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ID:	1787008


    Click image for larger version

Name:	r2.png
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ID:	1787010

    Alright every one here it is! Our ranged ability that allows Zeus to decimate in team fights, catch our enemy off guard, and purely dominate squishy enemies. Life energy grants Zeus additional range and spell damage on every hit stacking with Lighting Reflexes for a max total of 245 spell damage per auto attack. THATS HUGE! When we calculate the auto attacks within the time granted of 8 seconds you can easily burst over 600 spell damage and that's not including the physical damage or other added effects. This ability is also hard to visually react to because the animation does no reflect or indicate the active use of the ability until your enemy starts to notice their health bar drastically dropping. Life Energy also splashes a.o.e damage to near by enemies close to the target being hit by Life Energy. This ability does not scale with spell damage , but their are a few items that can help Zeus further increase the damage and effectiveness of life energy.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	r.png
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ID:	1787011

    Golden Staff is the perfect item to augment Life Energy as its great vs tanks provides us more attack speed and deals spell damage on hit.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1787012

    Another item I want to mention is Mace of Apocalypse this item is also great for life energy as we gain the complete perks from item being that Zeus is labeled and considered a melee Hero. The addition splash damage and attack speed, movement speed steroid is incredible for Zeus.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	mace of the apocalypse.png
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ID:	1787013 Click image for larger version

Name:	melee1.png
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ID:	1787014

    Gem page coming soon

    This concludes my guide/build for Zeus I hope you enjoy and appreciate my recommendations. Please make sure to provide constructive feed back and if there is some thing you do not like or disagree with please let me know, I'm also open to corrections and other ideas. If you do not have any thing nice to say please don't say any thing at all.

    I will be updating this thread frequently, so make sure to subscribe for future content .

    ID: 109968
    Player name: Danzeva
    Server: NA
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    can't wait


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      Mace of Acopolypse & Phantom's Mask work best on him !!!! love this hero


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        Hey, great guide! I had never seen anyone play zues so when all the heroes were free I played him. Instantly fell in love with the guy, such a cool char.

        However could you give some insight on which gems and glyphs you think suit him best and which you use? Thanks!


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          wow cool that's a great guide.


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            Thanks for the credits Danzeva, I am Nazarell, contact me if u want to do a guide about malachai will be a pleassure for me to help u. ^^

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