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Reporting players

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  • Reporting players

    The person in charge of this game section is currently discussing to setting up the Team required to handle these issues (chat moderation / AFK-ers in match / Feeder reports etc).
    Please bare with it for now

    And do not flood this forum with names (to prevent flame war etc starting here on the forum)...
    Once the team is up, they will be hunting it during their shift and try to assist you guys as much as possible within their ability.

    Reporting players can be done through tickets.

    As some of posters might have noticed this, I've deleted those post regarding to reporting " Toxic players" etc. and decided to make 1 general post regarding what action you should take in those case as written above.
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    As of Nov 1st 2016, I'm retired from Moderator task due to Real-Life Job. Any issues or questions, please contact one of the others Moderator or Head Moderator MemoryLane.

    Report exploits through Ticket System.

    Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the app support link.

    R2 staff will never ask you for your account email/username and password.