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Hello Everyone. Just a suggestion for heroes :)

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  • Hello Everyone. Just a suggestion for heroes :)

    Gabriella, Bringer of Justice

    Costume/Look : Sort of a female Spartan but with white color
    Weapon : 2 Glaives


    Grappling Glaives : Hurls the two glaives to an area and deals (x damage). If an enemy hero is hit
    you can choose to reactivate the skill to launch Gabriella to the target area. Deals 30% less damage to heroes
    and 30% more damage to creeps

    *hurls slightly far from each other and meets at the target area
    *stays in the target area for 0.5 seconds

    Justice Blessing(Passive) : deals +3/5/7/9 additional damage per attack. Deals additional critical damage on
    the 4th attack then the counter is reset. Also deals random debuff on the 4th attack

    *random debuff - slow movement,slow attack, defense break, stun, decrease attack

    Zealot : Charges to a target hero and gains (X% attack speed and movement speed) for 2/3/4/5 seconds.
    Gains Justice charge for every Hero killed

    Ultimate-Glaives of Justice : Magically enhances her glaive and throws it. Bounces based on the number of Justice charge x2.
    Heroes hit with this skill is marked and the 4th hit of Justice Blessing will apply. Lasts 3 seconds

    *whole map range, more like Wendy and Tiamat's skill

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    Thank you. Have forwarded your suggestion
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