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    More than 90% team have AFK player will lose...
    Lose team with afk player keep losing grade in ranked even they play good.
    So many i lose couse that afk player in my team.

    If some one afk early game more than 5min should end game by force and no pinalty point for active player or no reward (not scored)

    in midle game afk then lose couse loser team not get pinalty point and acumulate - (minus) point in ranked will take from afk player.

    When some one afk on this game, gold hasnt share so 4 player normal networth vs 5 player normal networth isnt balance. Thats why more than 90% i prety sure 5 player active will win.

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    The only feasible solution that can be is that a bot replaces the player who goes afk since some usually reconnect after 10-15 minutes so the gold of such player can not be transferred or divided between the team.

    - you can surrender to the 15 minutes since in that time can give a turn to the game since you can go back. I won games of even 3 vs. 5 in late game it all depends on how you play it and what skills you manage.

    If you want to avoid this kind of thing I recommend you or you create your own group of 5 players for matchmaking.