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Gm read this im really ****** off

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  • Gm read this im really ****** off

    Hi R2GAMES team , im posting this , because im really mad , I saw a lots of people from Brazil in their twitch channel with 32000 gems , no1 can recharge that !
    and I didnt see one , i saw lot of them with 32000 or more gems , Please i hope you fix this because most of us , spend our money to get some items , and they use PACKET EDITORS like WPE PRO , RPE and others .

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    g m are volunteers i was told & most of the time they duno wats going on coz r2 dont tell them gdluck paying for stuff others get "free". they have the worse customers support in all the mmorpg games i have played
    Originally posted by R2Tartarus View Post
    Is there any reason why you blur out the other text?
    When reporting it's most appreciated if you show the full chat, not just the clippings.
    These things are often not a one way war.
    we do have sunday roasts in UK you know ,,seriously doing a screenshot because of food upsets them lol, and it's the only un-edited one
    Originally posted by KXVIN.LX
    unedited picture
    On your un-edited screenshot shows no racist remarks (it's a sunday roast what we have in UK that I was telling a guild member and someone in the same guild has you ) now stop being so silly on trying to get a casher banned and play fun game .
    Maybe a mod should close this thread 'it's very clear to be one sided.
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      Mentor and GM are volunteers but if you notice people like R2_Fanie and others they are actual employees of the company.
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