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Heroes Evolved time to change something?

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  • Heroes Evolved time to change something?

    Recently came across on Chinese version of Heroes Evolved and was very impressed with the content that they offer to players and the number of players on the servers. Now I understand why the R2 North American server have so weak player audience and why it is so boring to play.

    To begin with, we except one new hero in month we does not get anything. On Chinese servers they are have weekly quests for players with a reward. Also the list of heroes that they are offer is impressive - 128 heroes, where there are different Support heroes against our two Mau and Sylviana (maybe Jeanne, but she is more a magician).

    Also they have a lot of guilds for which they have splits and competitions with a LAN finals.

    There is an opportunity to hero awakenings.

    Can to play RPGs against bosses and get some prizes for it.

    Six game types in solo, and three different maps.

    4 types of account levels (1-30) (don’t know how it works, but you can lvl-up your account 120 times)

    Every evening you can watch streams with casters. Matches in the league in Live. For example yesterday there were 3 streams with casters on which 12k, 7k and 7k viewers.

    I was surprised at the matchmaking, maximum what I waited for 10 seconds.

    So I'm wondering, is it impossible to do this on our server? Doesn't that attract more people to play this game? Atm, I don’t see any reason to pay money for this content, which you offer us. To play with a new skin and VIP 5-7 in solo with a completely retarded matchmaking system, where the bronze 6 lvl plays in the your team or against diamond.

    Year passed and nothing has changed, are you really happy with the way it all goes? If the game attracts more audience, then the players in near future will somehow help you in this. It will be a streamers, bloggers, etc.

    Add more languages. Russian, Spanish / Portuguese and more. I know you have russian language, he was on the EU server. A huge part of the russian-speaking does not play, because they do not understand english.
    part of heroes part of heroes 2
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    What suggestion(s) were you wanting to be forwarded? If more than one, bullet points would be helpful
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      First, add more languages.
      Then you can make the game more competitive. It is not necessary to make any cash prizes. You can make the league or winter split something like that. Where teams will play and for the wins they could receive for example puzzle pieces of skin card (skin of winter split or something else), instead of chests like now. If you completely compile the puzzle, you can open a certain skin of this split. At the end, top8 could get in-game gift boxes with some jewels, gold, name change cards etc. dunno. I have lots of ideas. But need a some competitions or weekly quests. For example quest of the week who destroyed more towers or played time in-game (in match not lobby). Need to get more online.


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        Yeah it So Nice when The game Have RPG/s and More event to come I play 1 time Chinese Heroes Evolved
        Then We are Waiting RPG in Heroes Evolved But Theres More Event To Come in Heroes Evolved
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          Yeah Chinese Heroes Evolved is Good But i Cant Understand Chinese But im playing Chinese HE