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What's up with Guild Boss now?

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  • What's up with Guild Boss now?

    Hey R2 - the most recent update seems to be one that just keeps on hitting players between the eyes...why o why did you feel the need to change Guild Boss??? Since not ONE SINGLE THING has been mentioned, I will politely assume its another "bug"... Otherwise, please explain the need to limit the amount of Guild Bosses killed for points...those are now really needed due to the other changes to guild function you deemed necessary... It's really getting exhausting wasting time mentioning these in forum would be nice if you would just simply respond to and act on customer service tickets again like you say you do...but don't....

    DARQ S-2

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    No responses to service tickets and now forum....R2 is making it crystal-clear that customer service is a thing of the past!!! Sad!!