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    Hi, I created beginner guide to help beginner players here.

    1. What is Mystic Glory?
    A game that I'm sure you will enjoy. The creators of this game are the same ones of Wartune, and yes I am serious- This game was made by the same creators who made Wartune, the popular game today, though LOAII is agruably the popular one!

    2. How is this different?
    I don't know exactly, but from what I've seen, Wartune is more competitive (at level 80 you'd likely have millions of BR). Mystic Glory tries to take a different road by being a game that not only is a bit competitive, but also a bit fun.

    3. Classes? And Informations?
    Three, like Wartune: Warrior, Archer, Mage.
    Warriors are the tank-oriented class, they rely on HP and defense in order to be the protector for everyone.
    Mages are the attacker-oriented class, they rely on MATK in order to deal devastasting damages to everyone, while at the same helping players with the heal.
    Archers are the AOE-oriented class, they rely on the very high PATK and the very high CRIT and penetrate stats in order to one-hit finish the mobs.

    4. How do I level up from level 1 to 19?
    Try to follow the main quests. Also, remember to enchant everything if the system does unlock, because enchanting can give you a lot of stats. I've got 1885 PATK increase, 1.1k increase in PDEF and MDEF and 4555 in HP from this. Remember to do everything to increase your BR!

    5. Please help me, I'm stuck at level 19.
    Level 19 is when you start to require some more EXP to level up to do main quests. You can try Memoirs, or if you're into the power, try a bit the level 19 dungeon. You might be able to do it easily if you team up with VIP players, who is more frequent here. I don't have VIP T_T

    6. What are Mercenaries?
    They are the members who will help you in Mystic Glory. Unlike Wartune which have the troops system (and they are weak), they are the members you can put in the Formation. You can increase their BR easily through several sources, but one of them is leveling them up, increasing the elements to increase the star, and the advance.

    7. What is Mount?
    Mounts are the system you can use in order to increase your stats. By using Beast stones you can increase the level of your mounts, and increasing your stats. Remember that the mounts will ONLY increase your main character's stats.

    8. What is Multiplayer?
    Multiplayer, abbreviated as MP, are dungeons that requires you to party up. You can get Epic Equips in Normal Mode and Legendary in Elite Mode. The Normal Mode is easy, but Elite Mode is quite hard, as we might run into trouble during that mode. You can also play Serpent Shrine and Magic Runes.

    9. Blacksmith?
    A system-central to the main character. There are 7 options right now.
    Enchant is what the title says, you use gold and Luck Stones (to increase chances) to upgrade enchant level. When you reach certain enchant level, you can Advance your equip, increasing enchant cap and equip level.
    Socket is where you put gems, and you then upgrade it. To get level 5 gems/above you need Synthesis scroll, to learn how to synthesis them.
    Synthesis is where you combine items into a one item that can be important.
    Convert is where you change a gem into another.
    Recycle is where you destroy equips to get Refinement items at cost of Gold.
    Refinement is where you use Refinement Crystal/Jade to add stars and randomize the gear attribuite.
    Breakthrough is the newest system, where you use Breakthrough Stones from Shop/Temple of Trials, to breakthrough your gears.
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    Someone should really create a wiki for this game. Granted it's still in alpha infancy stage but a google search doesn't show up any information.


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      To add on into this post, more tips and help for players:

      Where can I get more exp?
      - Through re-runs of dungeons (Non-VIP can purchase 1 attemp on each dungeon, costing 50 bound/unbound balens. Running dungeon with friends will gain you more exp)
      - Blitz through memoirs (memory key can be purchased in shop if they are on sale. Or through combining key shards received from friends)
      - Arena (challenging in arena will gain you exp. The higher level you get, the more exp you receive)
      - Bounty (You can complete 25 green bounty, 10 blue bounty and 3 orange bounty daily, bounty can be find in Misty Forst and Ruddy Canyon)

      How do I get gold?
      - World boss (appears at 13:00 and 20:00)
      - World event (you can receive up to 25000 daily)
      - Memoirs (varies depending on level)
      - Arena

      How do i get more bound balens?
      - Devotion (35 daily)
      - Complete achievement
      - Complete new memory
      - Raise rank in Glory Arena

      Hope this helps!


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        Can anyone tell me how or when you can recruit new mercenaries? I am now getting slaughtered in some daily bounty quests and I'm wondering if new mercenary allies would help?


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          updated GUIDE
          Nothing to do much here.


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            I request this be sticked.
            Nothing to do much here.


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              Dear player, sticking guides isn't really needed at this time. If we were at multiple pages of threads, perhaps, but it doesn't make sense to sticky individual guides when every guide is on page 1. Thank you for understanding
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                Originally posted by Ungureanu Vali View Post
                When event reset is happen 5am?
                Yes most of our events will reset at 5:00


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                  When event reset is happen 5am?


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                    Where's PVP found it once, now can't find it ???


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                      Originally posted by jimbobsky View Post
                      Can anyone tell me how or when you can recruit new mercenaries? I am now getting slaughtered in some daily bounty quests and I'm wondering if new mercenary allies would help?
                      you can at tavern by using gold or balen recruits
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                        how do you unbundle balen bundles?