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  • A guide to Bounties

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ID:	1947204 Bounties are divided into three categories, Green, Blue and Gold. Each day you able to do certain amount, 25 green, 10 Blue and 3 gold.
    Each class offers different rewards which are gold xp Fashion Heart shards,Mount whips,level 1 and 2 gems, Rune xp stones and Mercenary xp scrolls.
    Bounties appear randomly on all maps except the City of Eternity. They will appear roughly every 15 minutes.
    The xp from each bounty has changed since the update of 02/05/18 and is now level based, which means the xp gained increases as your level increases.
    It may not seem a lot but taken over a week or a month it will soon add up and as leveling is difficult, any help is well worth the time.
    Sometimes in Hot events there will be bonus events for completing so many bounties, so keep your eyes open

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