Hello everybody , I would like to talk about damage dealers mages , as the title and name implies, those are players who are responsible for the DPS in the group.

Q : What is DPS ?
R: DPS means Damage per second and all 3 classes are able to play as DPS with the right spec and the right gear.

The primary function of a DPS mage is dealing damage to the mobs. Good damage dealers help the group to run smoothly by killing the mobs in a short time. Running multiplayer dungeons with a group full of bad DPS means prolonged time will be needed for the fighting and completing the dungeon.

Q: So how can I build a good damage dealer mage ?
R: If damage is what you are looking for your most important stat is MATK. This should ALWAYS be your highest stat.
The second most important stat is CRIT ( critical damage will boost your damage by 50 % ) in most cases CRIT will be followed by AP ( Armor penetration or just Penetration ) because this stat will help you to deal with enemies that have high block rate.

Don't ignore HP you wont be able to deal damage if you are dead.

Q:What gems and refinements should I use then ?
R: it's really quite simple , you should use MATK , Crit , Penetration and HP . The 5th attribute is entirely up to you.

The 3rd , 4th and 5th gem slots grant additional stats bonus , higher the gem level ,higher will be the bonus stats. So take advantage of this feature and place your MATK gems into the 5th slot.Regarding the refinements just keep putting your luck to the test if you have more refinement crystals to use.More stars will give better attributes and when you reach 160 stars you will unlock + 844 MATK as a bonus.

This guide is still under construction

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