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[HELP]When stuck levelling

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  • [HELP]When stuck levelling

    When you get stuck trying to reach next level, try clicking the "+" sign in memoirs or any other dungeon setting.

    You can buy 3 extra attempts if you click it and also use any other memory keys that you might not have used yet.

    When you are out of memory keys, you can syntesize more in the blacksmith tab and scroll down to either items or materials where if you have enough shards you can synth to make 1 memory key or more depending on the amount of shards you have.

    Arena (Lord of Glory Drake) - clicking + sign there will let you buy 10 attempts after using original 5 attempts. (very good for server launch if you manage to climb into top 10-100 ranks, each win gives you bound balens and increases the higher you get in arena.

    If you manage to get into top 3-5 in glory arena, you should have roughly 3000 bound balens to help upgrade your character and mercenary which will help you to pass dungeons and bounty quests where you might normally need party help.

    The bounty target quests are another way to gain some experience, common bounties give around 500-700xp. Legendary gives about 1500-1700 xp after completing the tasks set out for you.

    S1 City of Eternity

    If you somehow find yourself just a little weak, you could also check out "Achievements" and finish off some of the bounty quests where you can get Matk/Patk/Pen stats upon completion of bounty.

    For some achievements you will have to run around all over to find the various bounties that you will need to finish some of the longer, harder bounties. But it is worth it in the end when you are 1-2 levels above players who started out around the same time as you.
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