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Quest Abyssian Army lvl 29

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  • Quest Abyssian Army lvl 29


    I can't kill monster in Quest Abyssian Army - its too strong... my level is 29.

    Someone have any hints about this quest?

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    Yes, I did find difficulty on that part as well. What I did was I skipped that quest for a while, then directed my efforts on leveling up further (through blitzing memoirs). I gained BR on my mercenaries and was able to equip the level 30 legendary gear I had. Refined my gear as well and upped my mount. I was I think level 32 (several days later) when I was able to successfuly clear that dungeon.


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      Quests and dungeons can be hard to pass. However, on forum we have provided you with guides to help you increase your BR and level: this helps!
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