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[HELP] Stuff That's Easy to Miss

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  • [HELP] Stuff That's Easy to Miss

    So many features of this game are presented through the tutorial that it can be difficult to remember all the things you can do every day. I've compiled a small list of items that are easily overlooked and some images of how to get to them:

    As you proceed through the early game, you level up so quickly that the pages in your Memoirs can fill up more quickly than you can collect the rewards. For this reason, it's imperative that you go back and collect the Clearance Rewards. Enter "Memoirs", click the left arrow to go back to previous pages, then click the treasure chest for some sweet swag! Also, don't forget to do your 20 free replays of Memoirs daily.

    Worship: you only earn 25k gold for it (5k per worship), but it's so quick and easy. Don't forget to do it! Go to "Rankings" then click a category. You may worship up to 5 times per day.

    Share Now: if you have a Facebook account, share the game daily (at least 18 days per month) for some more great swag! Got to "Welfare Hall" then click "Share Now".

    These are freebies that can really help advance your BR with little to no effort or time.

    Server: [S15] Hidden Threat
    Character: Rae-Dunn
    UID: 109522349
    Don't forget to share! Go to Welfare then Share Now. Click Rankings then a category. Worship 5 times a day! You see that treasure chest? That's a Clearance Reward.  Make sure you go back and collect all of them!

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    Thank you for participating in the event. Your rewards will be sent out soon.
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