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  • Help with Goblin Tomb

    There are never any players available to take in the tomb with me (GMT +10). Tried different times, it never matches anyone from cross-servers, no matter how long you wait, so you have to go in alone. Problem, you come to a blockade, how do you take this down ??
    I played the alpha and beta game versions and was told we'd keep our characters ect, but no we don't. Why did we take the time to help you, but you don't help in kind? Like many here, i'm stuck on a lvl, not strong enough to kill a boss in the Arena and gone back over past places to improve and all the bounties, but again, your still stuck and with no gold or fixed Balens.

    Thank you,

    S01 PsycoNinja

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    i cant really help you with most your problems. But when you get to the bridge in goblin tomb, you have to click on the cannon to take down the blockade,


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      Everyone are available to do Goblin Tomb (Normal/Elite mode) with you if they want to.
      This game ran over few months and today you joined s1 then crying about a lv 20 dungeon run? And how could you play this game on Alpha and Beta but no know how to take off the blockade?