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    These are some very quick tips for if your friends or guildmates that stay online but are almost always afk.

    -You HAVE to call in party members for your afk party members to follow you, wait 10 seconds and they will be forced to follow you

    -Each time you complete a dungeon, your party members will be forced out of follow, so call in the party members again as soon as you exit a dungeon

    -Your afk friends/guildmates CAN NOT be forced to follow you into a dungeon if you started a party while you are already dungeon by yourself

    -If you are in a party and your party members are afk, ALWAYS kick them from the party when you are done with them, kicking someone from the party while in a dungeon will force them to not only leave the dungeon, but it will force them out of party mode so other friends, guildmates, or yourself can invite them to their party. If you don't kick them from the party, while in a dungeon, it will force that party member to not only be stuck in the dungeon, it will make them the leader of their own party. if you do not kick them from the party while out of a dungeon, they will be the leader of their own party making it so no one else can invite them to their party if someone else needed help with their dailys. I can not emphasize enough about ALWAYS kicking party member from the team.

    -Note that if you do kick a party member from the team, if they have not done their dungeons already, you will make them lose their reward attempt, which is not a very nice thing to do, so in order to prevent that from happening, always make sure your party members are on auto attack by finding a common bounty that has fighting in the quest, also be aware of what your party members are capable of, you should know for sure that you are able to complete a dungeon with that party member before you even attempt to enter that dungeon.

    -Accept invites by default is a privilege for friends and guildmates... not for the friends or guildmates to screw them over and waste all their reward attempts, leave them in a party by them self, or leave them in a dungeon by them self. you will break the trust or that friend or guildmate, and you will probably lose that privilege or ever being able to have them in your party again.

    I am online 24/7, I always make sure i am on auto fighting and i always make sure im on auto accept by default for both friends and guildmates. I am done with everything i want to do within the first 10 minutes of me playing, so when i come back to the game hours and hours latter and i find my character in some random dungeon or being the leader of some party that i did not start, i get so ****** off, I want to help as many people as possible and being the 2nd strongest person on the server makes it so i am able to.

    To put it in a more simple way to understand, just follow these three simple rules...

    Do a bounty quest that has fighting to verify that your party is on auto fight by seeing if their skill names show up when it is their turn to make a move.
    Call in your party members before you enter a dungeon or after you exit a dungeon, it may be a 10 second wait.
    To disband a party the proper way, kick your party members from the team. DO NOT click Return or kick yourself from the team unless you are in a party all by yourself
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    I like this post wish all players that play this game would do this. I afk a lot and leave autoinvite on to help others in game to complete their dungeons. Sad that even people that I have told to kick me from party before they leave, just leave and I stay in party alone unable to help anyone else. Everything you have said is on point, sometimes I do go afk without my autoattack on so doing a bounty would let a person know to not include me in party because I wouldn't be doing squat but basic attack. I did not realize that you can not call in members when u are already in a dungeon that is a nice tidbit to know. Wish work was done on this game and that you and I played same server, have fun bud.