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READ ME - Required Info for Bug Reports!

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  • READ ME - Required Info for Bug Reports!

    Welcome to the Mythic Glory Bug Reports and Support section.

    When using this section of the forum, please use the following formats:

    Bugs are issues with the game itself, when something does not work as intended or specified. If you come across a bug, please do a quick scroll through the first page of this section and see if the bug has already been reported. If a topic already exists for your bug, please contribute information about the bug in that thread. If not, create a New Topic.
    • Title of your thread should be a very brief specific description of the bug, such as the name or location.
    • In the message, include a more detailed description of the bug: Where the bug is, What the bug does, What the game should do, Steps to reproduce.
    • Include a screenshot of where the bug is, any error messages received, or any screenshot that helps show the bug. In the event of "nothing happens" just include a screenshot of what was clicked on
    • Include your character name and server. Some bugs can't be reproduced easily, so an affected character will be needed for testing.

    Support is anything that only affects your character, but seemingly no one else. Always create a New Topic for general support issues.
    • Title of your thread should be a brief description of what you need help with.
    • In the message, include a detailed description of what is going on.
    • Include a screenshot if you are receiving an error message, or if your description might cause any confusion.
    • Include your character name and server.

    Rules of the Forum are found here.

    R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
    Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

    For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.