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Bounty Quest Bug

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  • Bounty Quest Bug

    Cannot finish this blue colour bounty quest. The task bury the dead cannot be completed. The only way to finish this quest by paying with balen.

    [S1] City of Eternity

    UID: 2930603
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    another things i want to add whenever a bounty quest NPC spawn at this spot.. when i try to click the npc to get the quest nothing happen..this like the 3rd times happen with different npc
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      You have 0/10 attempts remaining for blue quests. There's 3 types of bounty quests, marked by color, and they each have a different number of daily attempts.

      Try walking to just below the npc and then click on it. I was playing around today and had some trouble clicking on some npcs too. Moving just below the npc seemed to help a bit. We'll get with the team on Monday and see what information we need to gather about this issue for forwarding.
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        i still have alot of attempt 0/10 meaning i still have 10 attempts unless it 10/10 then no more attempts and here another npc on the same spot also i dont have trouble clicking on him just after clicking nothing happen ok..
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          here an example of blue bounty quest the different of no attempt (10/10) with (0/10)plenty of attempt since u cannot tell the different.
          As u can see below the system will notify u when u dont have any more attempt
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            Here an Example for you since u cannot tell the different between (0/10) attempts and (10/10) attempt for the bounty quest. Also below the system will notify u when u have zero attempt.
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              You can only do so many of each color/type see pic.

              Click image for larger version

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