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Sylph Warrior Boss's Bone Shield Overpowered

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  • Sylph Warrior Boss's Bone Shield Overpowered

    In any rune dungeon, sometimes the final boss is the Sylph Warrior. He has the ability to summon a bone shield. This bone shield lasts 99 turns, absorbs 30% of his max hp, and is cast every 2 turns by the boss. It can be dispelled, which seems to be when someone hits over the 30%. My knight was hitting for 25k against this shield and it was all absorbed. I frequently would do over 300k damage to this boss and he is not even half dead, because this shield regenerates. The shield is not scaled per rune dungeon rank. Rank 1 and Rank 2 have the same shield.

    Please nerf this feature on the Sylph boss. Thanks!