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S1 - Server instability

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  • S1 - Server instability

    • S1 - Server lag, some portals aren't responsive, world event not working, random looped loading lag and/or crash after refresh, others.
    • Go into server 1 and try to play the game. Server is very unstable and most of the functions aren't working.
    • No error messages, it simply does not work. No matter how many times you click on the tab or button or portal.
    • MrWolfie , Server 1.
    Bounty isn't working now, clicking on the bounty hunter and accepting the quest just closes the quest box. Afterwards, he stays there like you never spoke or accepted the quest. Quest log doesn't update.

    Arena isn't working now.

    What works now. Click, nothing. Click, click, click, stares at screen and nothing happens.
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