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  • shop bug

    made 2 purchases of 10 socketing rods each,,balen been deducted from my balance but the items never made it to my inventory, first purchase was made on 1/24 second on 1/25 .
    i refreshed my browser and checked inventory several time in the last 24 hours still items missing .

    server : s2 misty forest
    character : Skull
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    again,,i purchased 30 socketing rods from shop,,3 purchases and i paid in bound balens ,,and never made it to my inventory ,,fuc king stupid and no one is responding to my posts or msgs for a week,,i just made these purchases right now ,,am damn ****** off ,,
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      Sorry for the inconvenience. Can I please have your UID (can be found on the top left corner on game page, beside server number) as well as your ticket number (if you submitted a ticket)
      R2Games Ticket System Support: