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Broken quest stopping entire quest line.

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  • Broken quest stopping entire quest line.

    To make this brief during the quest "upgrade Luna" which 'makes' you upgrade her I messed up. Instead of using the items it gives to upgrade her I used them to upgrade a different hero, This means my entire quest line is stuck and I can't do anything in the game until I get the gold to use in tavern to get the attack marks I need.
    So far I have spent around 400k gold because of this stupid quest thing trying to get the items to upgrade her but despite this I have a grand total of 2/5 of the attack marks needed.

    Basically due to not seeing the quest I am now stuck in an endless loop until I get 5 attack marks which are only obtainable through tavern, A higher level area I can't get into or recharging and this is screwing my game over so I need something done.

    Also I wouldn't complain if you just rolled my account back to like the start of the current day (from writing this) because then I would have the items, I could finish the quest and the gold I have wasted trying get out of this broken quest would be returned. (If you can't roll back compensation would be nice since this is halting my progress because of broken mechanics)

    You should really add a rebirth option to prevent this.Click image for larger version

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    The problem has been reported. We will contact you through ticket system to come up with a conclusion for your account.
    R2Games Ticket System Support: