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Br vacation time?

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  • Br vacation time?

    For the 3rd time in a week I login to play only to discover its vacation time for my br.
    Was wondering if you could provide me with the vacation schedule for future use.
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    Also could you please tell me if and or when the devs plan to do the proper thing and take the game offline and work out the known issues that seem to be unresolved roughly 10 minutes after you make a post saying its fixed. We all know as of this point its been anything but fair to the players who in good faith have spent many a hard earned dollar in support of this game. From what many have seen this has become a game of who can file the most tickets instead of the game called mythic glory.

    S5 pukey
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    The bug has been reported. After not logging on for a period of time, player’s title and devotion will double overtime as they play the game. But after logging off, the BR drops is because the BR is being set back to regular without the doubling. So the BR you see right now, its your actual BR. Please keep an eye on forum for updates and maintenance to fix this bug.
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