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Black screen just 30 minutes before the day end!

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  • Black screen just 30 minutes before the day end!

    Please don't delete my char Black screen just 30 minutes before the day end when i fighting for ranked reward...
    Be so kind to fix my char if it is possible today.... Tried couple of browsers and always the same. I can log in in other servers just cant in s17.

    IGN: Neo™
    UID: 119903757
    Server: 17

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    Hi there Kurtq_Mivki , your issue has been reported , please let me know if you still cant login.


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      Unfortunately still black, but I've got it, it may take time


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        Hi, I still getting a black screen and i still have unfinished tasks to do before 05:00... Unfortunately seems that it is not the whole server and that is unfair at all. Is it possible to provide some information about how long in will take to fix my char? Just tell me if it will need 1-2 days dont do that i will not play that anymore if i miss next 1-2 days


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          Please tell me whats going on? Do i will be able to log in today or not? How long it should take to fix that problem? What is that? You want money for that game? How to happen when at every single moment you can get black screen and lost your char once and forever? It happen 4 hours ago and were reported 3 hours ago so please tell me what kind of developers work on that game when this is not the first similar issue and they still need days to repair it if they actually can repair it! Just answer to me: How long it will take???


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            Dear players. We are aware of the black screen problems and it will take some time for the devs to fix the current issue. Sorry for any inconvenience and please be patience with this issue. Thank you
            R2Games Ticket System Support: