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    So the sad part about world boss is that it is unfair and not working at all. Reason to this is the bug that makes the boss not attacking. The silence bug. i know allot of ppl blame others for hacking and such. but thats not the case it is just the fact that if the boss gets silenced it stops attacking. Hopefully This issue is being worked on and will be fixed. did not find a post about this on first page so i am posting it. so sorry if it gets a double post. But i do think this is a main Prio thing to fix. Admins and Creators got any questions about how this works and want more detailed description let me know and i will screen shoot and explain when it happens and how it happens. . Guess most easy way to fix make boss immune to Silence. I got it on all my mercs sence it is one of the best PvP Debuffs to have if you ask me a Silent player is a dead player
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    Dear player, thank you for reporting the problem, the World Boss bug has been reported and forward. Sorry for the inconveniences and the delay of fixing the bug. Please be patience with us, the developers are currently on their holiday for Chinese New Year.
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      Assuming "Silence" is a skill, what character class retains this skill?

      The reason why i am asking is because many people on my server are convinced that 4 particular players are cheating. 3 of them team up everyday for world boss, those 3 players are all different classes. The other player goes into world boss alone and she is a mage. the group of 3 ranks 1st and the solo player ranks 2nd sometimes 3rd against a team of 3 that should rank number 1 based on player statistics. Many players have been reporting the 4 individuals for cheating. this has been happening over the past few days now if not longer. If this could be caused by this bug that you have been aware of please let me know so I can let my server know to stop accusing these 4 players of cheating. Things are pretty heated up over here in S06 and is making the game-play very unpleasant.
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        Arwen Windrider have a skill named Umbral kill with a 10% chance to silence for 1 turn
        Also Medusa rune has a 12% chance to silence for 1 turn
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