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    Originally posted by glennrevis90 View Post
    Hello R2games,

    I am from s16. Funky is my IGN but wanted to bring a subject up to the dev's or whoever needs to read this and will actually listen. I am speaking for my server when i say we need a merge. But i am sure that other servers will agree and back everything i am about to say/suggest. There are too many servers being created left and right. Players that are on actively everyday now are getting lower it seems and it is probably from the amount of servers being released. I suggest cutting down on the amount of servers being created and have a higher population per server. It would create a good community and for the people who are competitive it would allow them that which in return im sure it would produce more $$$ for R2games as a whole. As for a merge suggestion I believe it would however be well needed if you were to combine servers as follows. s1-s10=new s1 s11-s20= new s2 and so on. Also i have a few more suggestions that can improve this game, the chat system needs to not be limited to the amount of characters per submit key and we need more daily events that either reward for online time or something to give more amount of gold as getting gold in this game is VERY limited. Also Guild Battles or Guild vs Guild would be great competition when we get more players in each server hence a merge would help with that.

    100% agree from server 20 IGN SigSpring
    the chat system is a joke and you still not put in a translator , there's all ov 10 active players on this server and see no point in cashing in more than i have , the top players all agree that something has to be done , were just sat around helping noobs play and trying to get them to stay in game , just to justify the hard earned cash we have already played in