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  • Need a compensation

    Yesterday i recharge 8000 balens and use it for "golden eggs event" but it was bugged and I have not had any rewards (like flloor rewards, clothings and luchy rank)!!! So i want my money or my balens back or a big compensation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BlackArrow (VIP 5) S1.

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    You seriously spent money on this game well, you get what you deserve.


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      if you dont like the game then quit let others do you as they wish


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        I also spent alot of balens yesterday and didnt get rewards because it wasnt reset from the previous event...

        s16 Funky (v7)
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        s16 Funky


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          Dear player, the events were bugged yesterday but you also got extra benefits such as free mounts, and balens recruit and S cores appearing in the bugged Golden Egg Event. If you would like your money back or compensation then please submit a ticket about your issue and give a clear reason of why. Also, be aware that you received more benefits than the amount that you spent.
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