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Glory Arena refresh buggy

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  • Glory Arena refresh buggy

    Seems there is an issue in Glory Arena with the refresh option. I used the free refresh option with no change in opponents 3 times in a row, I then spent 5 balens to refresh and it still didn't change my opponents, not even the order in which they stood.

    S23 Mabel-Darcy
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    Dear player, the positions that your opponents stand is based on their Glory Arena rank. Which means, if your rank is high enough (roughly about 8th place or above) your opponents will not likely to be changed because you have a very limited amounts of opponents in front of you, this will result why when you refresh your Glory Arena, nothing will change.

    However, a quick way to fix this issue is to fight with a random opponent and fail the battle. This way, your Glory Arena will reset as a whole. Just a friendly reminder: sometimes, when the system resets, you will still get the same opponents. But it does work better than refresh
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      Thank you Londyn