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  • Temple of Trials

    Temple of Trials it is necessary to answer five questions (there are ten in total). I understand that the correct answer is a breakthrough stone. Wrong answer, do not give.
    Question: Why on the same question, every day a new answer ???

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    yea ive been wondering for a while but never asked i hope they fix this its stupid to ask a question if the answer is never the same


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      From my experience, even if you answer the question correctly, its not guaranteed to give you a breakthrough stone, matter of fact, i rarely ever get breakthrough stones by answering the questions. But if you do answer the questions correctly, it does give out a better reward than if you answered it incorrectly, honestly i do not even bother trying to answer them correctly anymore because of how random the correct answers are. At first i thought it was just the opposite of what you answered the previous day, well thats not always the case. The i thought the questions were actually slightly different, changing a simple word in the questions or answer itself to lead you to know which one was correct, while i still believe this is true, It is difficult to remember which wording is correct or not.
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