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  • Kicked from Battle Grounds

    Do not know what triggered this but it really messed up my run. I did not stall out nor went afk at all. It was almost at the end of fight and I was killing the other teams resource guard for the achievement. I was just killed by the guard and waited 10 seconds to go fight it again. Then in the middle of running to him I was abruptly kicked from the battlegrounds. When you are booted from the battlegrounds there is a 5 minute wait time before you can reenter. It says points unaffected but you do not get any items when battleground is over if you are not inside. Furthermore, do not know exact time but when its almost done the dungeon does not let you go back inside, even if you wanted to.
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    Though i do not have an official answer for you, it does seem like it was something implemented in the game seeing as there was a system message for this and everything.

    I have been playing this game for 7 and a half months now. I don't participate in bg much since i personally think its just a waste of time, but i do play it from time to time. I have never seen something like this before, but i do know for a fact that you can not enter bg when its about to end soon. And i am pretty sure you can not get kicked out for going afk no matter how long you stay still.

    I doubt anyone will be able to come up with a logical answer, but i would not worry too much about it, you lost out on maybe 1000 - 2000 honor (im guessing based on your level and BR). My server has no world boss anymore and its been that way for 3 weeks now, sent in tickets, posted to the forum, our R2 mentor even knows about it and reported it, world boss is glitched out and its causing whats left of the people on our server to quit the game seeing as world boss is really the only thing in the game we could do anymore because just about everyone is max level.
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