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Lucky Exchange Still Not Fixed

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  • Lucky Exchange Still Not Fixed

    This event has long been bugged and I'm going to explain with photos how it is bugged.

    The first photo shows the event interface.

    The second photo shows what happens when you click the redeem button.

    Third photo shows the mystery key that is needed to be able to use the redeem button.

    Next photo is of the shop where the mystery key can be purchased.

    Last photo shows what happens when you click the buy now button to make the purchase of the mystery key.

    How are you supposed to buy a mystery key if it says you have "insufficient mystery key I" to make the purchase?... BUG

    The Lucky Exchange II option is not there anymore, last time the event was up they had two "Lucky Exchange I" available (which offered the same things, also bugged).

    Forward this to R2 please, who can forward it to the devs, if a development team even still exists for this game.

    I only make this last statement because there has not been any bug fixes for months along with any unique events or brand new content put into the game.

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    Thanks. I will forward this, again.
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      Well it still hasn't been fixed ! It opened today with again, impossible to play. I don't know why the devs keep using it.