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Give me game suggestions!

This is a sticky topic.
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    I would like to have the option of keeping the cloths I have instead of putting on new ones to try and not having the option to go back to what I had....


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      Originally posted by ivanjb View Post
      I would like to have the option of keeping the cloths I have instead of putting on new ones to try and not having the option to go back to what I had....
      You can simply hide your fashion cloth in the section clothing, please see screenshot provided
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        Thank you. That worked.


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          its disgusting for non VIP players nothing new since game launched......players regularly gives you feedback but in the end only disappointment

          Hope you will work on it

          only HOPE HOPE HOPE


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            The world event needs to change, in particular those where you have to do 50 battles with only a limited number of npc's to attack, they can take HOURS to complete. On challenges like these I just do the first 5 for devotion points, but obviously I then miss out on crystal and gold rewards...If you include bounty quests we have 2 events that can take far too long to complete.

            Why oh why do we have a battleground event at the exact same time as the first World Boss?

            Finally, why are you even asking for suggestions? R2 games have been making games like this for years, they should know exactly what works and what doesn't. There's simply too many events with paltry rewards that force players from the game right now.


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              You want ideas start with no new servers until things get fixed and new events are added. Take somethings like Egg Smash, Cloud and Element towers, and Training Ground from Shadowbound for gold and exp. Crusades is nice also.


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                This game will die very rapidly if something is not done to fix all the issues I have already seen posted in this thread.

                1. Gold is needed for so much in game but it seems the only way to really get gold is to recharge, ie..spend more money
                2. Bounty's ... I concur with other post...why are we forced to wait for new bounty's to spawn. Also, the requirement to do a certain number of white, blue, orange bounty's. I sat i Ruddy Canyon today working bounty's. I was the only one there and was able to collect every single bounty. The first 2 spawns, all white bounty's. people get stuck looking for blue bounty's all the time. of course, can always do bounty's for the gold (that is a joke since the amount of gold received is meaningless...really, 100 gold for a bounty!!)
                3. Free players are dropping like flies. It is way too difficult to get any real least in other games you had enough gold to accomplish something, here...nothing
                4. VIP players are going to start dropping soon. There is little for them to buy that is worth their money. Here is an about posting upcoming events like Wartunes least then you have things to look forward to. I saw a post on the forums announcing a new server launch. It was post 1 hour before the launch!! really!! are you trying to surprise everyone or do you think people are liing on the forums waiting for the next announcement?
                5. GOLD GOLD need to add more ways for people to get gold. Server 21 has killed the second World Boss once only. If the WB does not die then rewards are meaningless. how are people supposed to get their gold t do anything?
                6. Bounty about an option to dismiss the bounty? If you are unsure, is this a white or a blue bounty, you grab it and it is white ad you dont need it, you either do the bounty anyway or have to wait 15 minutes for it to expire. Why cant we just say dismiss to the bounty
                7. Did I mention the lack of gold in game? I have recharged balens here and I STILL dont have enough gold to donote for my guild skills...well I could have just wouldnt have gold for anything else in the to enchant, synth, convert, tavern, guild concept is pretty good but the rewards are ridiculously low

                Several things about the game i do like but doing a bounty that forces you to run back and forth across the world to complete it is silly. I am talking about running from Ruddy Canyon to the City of Eternity and back just for a quest. Simplify certain parts and expand the rewards. People are stuck at low levels with no idea what to do. Would it be possible to have some type of guide that tells you what is required for advancement. reward for the new server is raise a merc to 2 star. I got a merc to one star, pushed really hard to get up to 80 for the 2nd star but that is not what is required. I have no idea how many elemental upgrades I need to get to 2 stars. There is nothing here I have seen that tells me this. So here I threw everything I had into upgrading a merc to 2 stars but now have no idea what is neccessary to get to that level. Does that make sense to you or have I confused you.
                The game has a good concept but it is dying fast because nothing is being done to correct the out of balance reward system. The only way to get rewards is to spend money but even then you have to spend ridiculously to get them and why do that when everyone is leaving in droves